Mixed Berry Organic Kombucha Tea

Mixed Berry Organic Kombucha Tea

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Our Mixed Berry Kombucha Tea will entice your senses with its brilliant red colour and full bodied & fruity taste. The brew starts with a balanced, yet flavour rich blend of green, black & rooibos teas & lemongrass. It ferments in small batches for 12-14 days and then is flavoured only with whole organic berries & ginger root. We then flavour & ferment the brew for another 3-5 days.

Flavour Profile:

Light & lively base & sweet raspberry finish


250 ml bottles


Filtered water, *green & *black teas, *lemongrass, *yerba mate, organic cane sugar, *ginger root, *turmeric root, *live kombucha culture & good vibes.

*indicates organic ingredients