Kombucha Vinegar - 4 pack

Kombucha Vinegar - 4 pack

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Our Organic Kombucha Vinegar starts the same way our delicious original kombucha does with our flavourful blend of organic teas. The difference is that it is fermented for at least two and a half months. 

How is Kombucha Vinegar different?

Our regular organic Kombucha tea contains approx 1% acetic acid. Our organic Kombucha Vinegar has closer to 2%-2.5% acetic acid. By comparison, apple cider vinegar is generally diluted and prepared to have 5% acetic acid. If you have ever taken Apple Cider Vinegar, you will be well familiar with the harsh bite that accompanies it. Well, our Kombucha Vinegar is much less acidic and actually quite smooth and flavourful. 


Acetic acid is produced by the strain of bacteria acetobacter, and is responsible for Kombucha’s sour taste as well as some immune boosting and detoxifying benefits. Kombucha vinegar's concentration of acetic acid depends on a number of factors including the length of fermentation, amount of sugar used initially, concentration of culture, and types of teas. 

Yes, Kombucha Vinegar is easier to drink. Yes, it contains a wider range of healthy acids, minerals and vitamins. But, what really sets Kombucha apart from regular vinegar and apple cider vinegar is the gluconic acid. Gluconic acid is a very effective chelator. Which means that it helps to remove heavy metals and other toxins from our body. 

Some other ways to use our Kombucha Vinegar include using as a facial cleanser/toner. People also swear by kombucha vinegar as a natural hair rinse. Our favourite uses for kombucha vinegar is in the kitchen - it makes an amazing salad dressing, helps with vegan, gluten free baking and marinades.


500 ml glass bottle


filtered water, organic cane sugar, green teas*, black teas*, lemongrass*, yerba mate*, live kombucha culture & good vibes.

* indicates organic ingredients